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    JiveWorld iPhone app - where'd my schedule go?




      I'm having a strange issue in the JiveWorld app and registration, which may be affecting my JiveWorld14 Game Series points and badges, and, even more importantly, is keeping me from using the app to organize my schedule.


      For some reason, I had a duplicate Jive Community accounts briefly. I don't even know how that happened since it had my full name and email address, just like this account. I think that all of my Jiveworld activity was associated with the extra account which was recently removed.  Is my registration for JiveWorld under this account, or another associated with my name and email address? I haven't received the JiveWorld14 Ready badge and I can't access my schedule on the app.


      I just went through and added all my sessions for the whole time to my schedule via the iPhone app. Each time I did I saw a little pop up banner confirmation. Now I can't see any in my schedule. When I go to add them to my schedule, the app sees that I have already added the session (the only option is Remove from my schedule) To experiment, I removed the session, then added it again which finally worked.  What happened to my schedule?  I don't want to remove and add each session again if they will just disappear again.

      Can my registration and my schedule from the deleted extra account (Deirdre Yee, deirdre.yee@servicemax.com, police figure avatar) be associated with this account?

      Thanks for any help with this confusing issue! Please let me know if I'm posting in the wrong place, happy to move if so!