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    Editorial Calendar Management in External Communities


      Hello all,


      I'm curious how all of you manage editorial calendars (if you do) across various internal groups and external groups in your external community. I'm managing the new ServiceMax community in Jive, which has been live for a few weeks. We are launching in phases, to our internal team, early adopters (reference customers), the full customer base, and coming up we will open up to partners, guests, and more.  Eventually our community will have areas open to the public, areas open to ['guests', customers, partners and employees], and areas just for customers, just for partners, and just for employees. 


      I'm building out our planned calendar of content that will be planned, owned, posted and managed by indiviudals across this diverse set of audiences, and I am curious how any other external community managers handle their editorial calendars, seeded content, nudges across space owners, etc.  Do you have one master editorial calendar? Do you have separate plans for different audience groups? How do you ensure a even(ish) flow of seeded content? How did you manage this in early days, just after launch?



      Thanks so much for your insights!



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          Jill Ross

          Hi Deirdre,


          I've done this at a basic level through a combination of a Document that houses a master calendar and Tasks within a Project. I created a Group and invited all content creators, then created a Project called "Content Marketing Calendar."


          The calendar document (you can use Excel or a table within a Jive doc - I prefer editing in Excel) is color coded by community area or the internal team responsible for the content. You can set it up however you want - the purpose is just to get everyone on the same page in terms of who, what, when, and where, and make it easy for individuals to identify their areas of responsibility.


          You can edit the calendar as you go in your planning meetings, then you can supplement the editorial process with Tasks - i.e. Draft due, Post final version, etc. The tasks are very helpful for keeping all parties accountable - the automated reminders make your job of hunting people down for their deliverables a lot easier.


          The Project is also the place where all drafts are posted & approved. The Group the Project is housed in can be used to propose ideas and facilitate discussions around your content strategy.


          Hope this helps!

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            One word Google Docs (ok, that's two). I have created a master Google Doc that breaks out days of the week, topics, urls, etc. and then assign owners to different areas and make all the owners (we currently call them Captains at Marketo) update and share the same doc. Screen shot below:

            Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.44.35 PM.png