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    How to make Project Checkpoints consistently show in Task list


      Please HELP.  This seems like a BUG.


      PROBLEM: Checkpoints are not consistently visible in the task list.


      I am about to have 10 people start actively entering tasks under a single project.  To test it, I assigned about 4 tasks each to myself and one other person.  Then I added 1x/week checkpoints (W43 Meeting, W44 Meeting, etc.) through the end of the year.


      When I go to the project's TASKS tab, only some of the checkpoints are visible, and the ones that do appear seem to appear (or not) depending what filter is used (Mine, All, etc.).  The results do not seem to vary based on what view I'm using or including completed tasks or not.


      I need all future checkpoints to appear up through the after the last task, regardless of the filter.  Ideally there would be a toggle to include checkpoints or not.


      Exhibit A: This view is filtered off one person, and shows most of the checkpoints, up through the one just after the last task...



      Exhibit B: This view shows ALL tasks, and for some reason only shows ONE of the checkpoints