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    Jive Android app won't run against Jive's own community??!

    mcollinge Expert

      We were looking into the mobile apps yesterday and I tried the Android mobile app Jive - Android Apps on Google Play -- I pointed it at the Jive community and it says the site needs to be on 7.0.1 or higher. When someone complained about that in the app comments, you responded saying "The new Jive Mobile App for Android is only supporting Jive 7.0.1+. Please talk to your community manager to get the upgrade to latest version of Jive".


      So you tell customers it's their problem & to upgrade, but haven't upgraded yourselves? When is Jive going to get their site upgraded so that it'll work with their mobile app?


      This isn't a good showcase of your technologies, when customers + potential customers can't run the app against the vendors own site!