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    BtoB customer support community meetup at JW14?


      Hi Folks -


      Made it to JW14!  In November I'm starting work with our product support team on plans for a BtoB software product support community.  I've been poking around to see if anyone has posted about getting together at lunch on Wednesday or another time to share use cases, best practices etc. but I haven't found one.  Anyone interested?   We have been using Jive for many years in a customer/partner/employee model around a number of use cases so our employees are pretty familiar with it.  The support community use case is new for us though and I'd love to connect with others who want to discus this topic.  Our support organization is not used to engaging with customers in a community format and I know we'll have some hills to climb.


      Maybe meeting tomorrow during lunch is easiest?  I'm open to ideas if others are interested in this topic!  Matt Nevill it'd be nice to meet you in person too