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    RECOGNITION is broken on user profile


      I am referring to recent_activity.soy file which has following template in it.



      * @param activity


      {template .userRelationshipRecognition}

          <div class="j-profile-activity-item j-profile-activity-like">

              {call jive.shared.soy.i18nHelper}

                  {param i18nKey: 'profile.activity.recognition.follow'/}

                  {param arg0}

                      {call jive.shared.displayutil.userDisplayNameLink data="$activity.activityUser"}

                          {param displayNameOverride: $activity.activityUser.prop.firstName/}

                          {param extraCss: ''/}



                  {param arg1}

                      {call jive.shared.displayutil.userDisplayNameLink data="$activity.content.relatedUser"}

                          {param extraCss: ''/}



                  {param noAutoEscape: true/}






      On UI I see recognition is broken. (please see attached image.) It prints properties file key as it is which is 'profile.activity.recognition.follow'



      It looks like following in .properties file 

      profile.activity.recognition.follow = {0} is now following {1}

      I see its expecting 2 parameters which are getting passed in above template and I have verified it picks first param correctly. {param arg0} but fails on {param arg1}


      I am wondering why? In our database I see in Jiveuser table we have first name and last name of use but Name column is empty. Is that's the reason above code can break. Any suggestions ??