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    Error Message - Cannot create, delete, or move spaces


      I am getting the following error message when I try to create or delete a space. Could you please provide the steps necessary to correct this issue?


      "The data structure defining the parent/child relationship between spaces is in

      an inconsistent state. Your community is still useable, but certain space

      actions have been disabled to protect the community. Disabled actions include

      creating, deleting, merging, moving or reordering spaces.


      Please follow

      these instructions to get this inconsistency resolved:


      1. Log into www.jivesoftware.com/support and create a new support


      2. When entering information for the case, be sure to include the error

      details below and upload the jiveHome/logs/space_tree_changes.log file.


      Jive support will follow up to give you the steps youll need to correct the



      Duplicate lft values were found: communityID: 2434,
      lft=1124, rgt=1129 communityID: 2753, lft=1124, rgt=1125 "