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    How to (kind of) do batch file uploading with Jive

    Patrick Leffas

      Did a quick search for another post about this workaround, but can't find any so I figured I would share with y'all.


      How to (kind of) do batch file uploading with Jive

      What you need

      • A Jive instance (ours is v6.0.3.3, hosted)
      • Microsoft Outlook (we use Outlook 2010)
      • The Jive for Outlook plugin (we have client version 2.5)


      How to do it

      1. Start a new email message in Outlook
      2. Drag-and-drop the files you want to upload to Jive into this email
      3. Save it as a draft and close it
      4. Go to your Drafts folder and select the draft message you just created
      5. In the Jive ribbon, select Create -> Upload Attachments
      6. Click the "Upload" link for the first file
      7. Specify something for all the options (Place, Title, Description, Tags, and/or Categories) and click the "Upload" button
      8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for all the other files


      The coolness

      • When you click the "Upload" link for the other files, the Place, Tags, and/or Categories options you picked for the first one are shown, so you only have to fiddle with the Title and Description if you want