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    Do we have the ability to remove Projects?


      Hello Jive Community!


      I just wanted to ask a quick question about Projects.


      Currently we are uses Spaces and Groups as the main source of Places, with only a handful of Spaces to cover the generic departmental structure. As for Projects, we're trying to move away from a structure that has been built upon sub groups and categories, therefore want to remove that feature.


      We'd want to use Groups as it covers the same feature as Projects do and by using categories, tags, widgets, you're able to manage on-going projects and content.


      I disabled Projects from the admin console, however it still appears on when I click onto Places (see below), you are not able to create Projects so the settings were saved.


      Is there another way in removing the icon?


      Bertrand Quesada, is this something you would be able to help me with.


      Please let me know if i posted this in the incorrect Place.


      Many thanks