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    Net Promoter Score (Are you using it?)

    Toby Metcalf

      Good morning everyone,

      As Community Managers, it is easy to judge your community's health by:

      1.  Tone of conversations

      2.  Seeing consistent increases in membership and discussions

      3.  Reviewing time from question asked to question answered


      Are any of you utilizing NPS?

      If yes:

      1.  How often do you survey? Is quarterly enough?

      2.  Are you satisfied with results - has the score been helpful to you?

      3.  No I don't use it - not relevant.

      Thank you for your help.

      Cheers & Thank you,


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          We are an external Support Community and use a Survey Monkey survey with the questions below.  It has been a fantastic source of feedback for us.


          1 - What product did you need help with? (Condensed list of products)

          2 - Did you find your answer? (Yes, No, N/A)

          3 - Would you have contacted support? (Yes, No, N/A)

          4 - Rate your online experience. (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, N/A)

          5 - Comments

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              Toby Metcalf

              Those are fantastic questions Matt - thank you!

              I like the idea of not only digging into how much members like their community, but some feedback (seeing product trends) is great too.



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                  My pleasure.  I hope it helps others.  We just added the 1st question about which product they are using recently.  I wish we would have had it from the start.  Now we can correlate the web experience by product and company division to show us where we need to concentrate and improve.


                  I would be curious to see what questions others use.  Hopefully some more people will chime in on this thread too. 

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                      Toby Metcalf

                      My community is set up product-specific, but it would be a good idea to combine community feedback with product (are there consistant issues by product?).

                      Not only do I want to determine membership satisfaction, but case avoidence: because of solutions found within the community, "x" cases were avoided resulting in savings of "x."

                      I believe it is also important to ask:

                      1.  Would you share the community with colleges?

                      2.  What is your first line of support:

                      • The Community
                      • Contacting Tech Support



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                  Toby Metcalf

                  Great question!  While it is useful to do periodic surveys (quarterly, annually), we also often suggest short, simple, in-line questions for external communities that you can present either randomly or consistently (say from the home page or in a certain part of the navigation or when ever someone lands in a particular space) while members are using your community to get in the moment feedback.


                  1. Why did you come to the community today?
                    1. Find or give an answer
                    2. Find an expert
                    3. Give feedback
                    4. Evaluate a product
                    5. Make a purchase (external)
                    6. Get work done with a team (internal / external)
                  2. Did you accomplish your goal? y/n
                  3. Do you have additional feedback / concerns? (open text)
                  4. NPS (see The Net Promoter Score and System for the question and answer format to calculate an NPS benchmark)


                  • Answers to #1 can be pre-defined based on the goals you have for your community.
                  • Answers to #2 can be used to determine if members are getting done what they expected.
                  • Giving an open text area #3 - allows you draw out specifically what met or didn't meet their expectations while it's on their mind.
                  • And of course NPS is something to index satisfaction AND can be used to benchmark yourselves against others in your industry or against like-type communities. (And if this is done more frequently you have a way to monitor the number and implement programs, change engagement tactics or adjust support/community SME staff to influence and check again more regularly).
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                    Hi Toby,


                    in my opinion a quarterly survey is enough. If you want to use a specific Net Promoter Score Software I would recommend our new NPS Tool Callexa Feedback.




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                      Dennis Pearce

                      I haven't used NPS for social stuff but have used it for other things.  I think the biggest benefit is not the score but the ability to identify promoters and detractors.  With a 10 point scale, you can be pretty sure that if you follow up and interview respondents at the extremes who gave you a 1 or 2 or a 9 or 10, you will get some valuable insights on how to improve.  If you have a survey tool with conditional branching, you can build that right into the survey by asking an open-ended question to anyone who responded really high or low that is something like "What made your experience so negative?"  I did this and got much more concrete, actionable comments than when doing the typical generic open-ended questions.


                      The biggest negative for me is the way it is calculated, particularly if you have a low NPS.  Because someone is considered a detractor all the way up to 6, you could do significant work improving things (say, moving people from a 2 to a 6) and still never see a change in the score.  This can be pretty disheartening for the people doing the work if NPS is what management is using to track progress.


                      So like most tools, it's not a panacea.  Always good to understand the tool to make sure it's measuring what you want to be measured.

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                        For those of you using NPS and administering from Jive, are you either using a SurveyMonkey-type survey or a tool such as Callexa? Does Callexa integrate with Jive (as in, I go to a specific space and I see a pop-up?)?

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                          Toby Metcalf

                          Thank you everyone for your help and suggestions.

                          It is easy to see my community's output by looking at the answer rate, time to answer, amount of correct / helpful answers etc.

                          Just not certain if that tells me demand served; for example, it is hard to include a customer who got an answer, but did not make the question solved.

                          Maybe solutions as a percentage of all threads is the way to go.