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    Suggestions for linking docs when a preview doesn't show?


      Here's one for all you bright, creative ECMs. I was doing a review of a secret group this morning in our new cloud version. This question came up, even tho it isn't particular to the cloud: this secret group is between one of our account teams and the customer. One member of the acct team will upload a Microsoft Project file so it can be downloaded, updates made by others, etc. However, since the doc viewer does not support .mpp files (which would be a really nice improvement, Jive), the account person then uploads a SECOND doc which is a pdf of the mpp, because the pdf is supported in the viewer, making it easy for other team members to quickly view. Obviously not the most efficient process.


      Any suggestions on simpler, more efficient ways to handle?


      Short of mpp files being supported in the viewer (fingers crossed!), any way to link the two docs together? Would be great to somehow show the pdf in the viewer but have the mpp file attached.


      And using the project functionality isn't an option - not an acceptabele alternative when they are dealing with MS Office files.


      BTW - a related question: The acct person has mistakenly put up the wrong version a couple of times. In the Manage Versions in the Actions, do the version #s re-increment if an earlier version is deleted? I will test later, but thought I would put the question out here, too.


      Thanks for any suggestions.

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          I don't know about MPP files being supported especially since Jive partners with Producteev for Project Management.  One option is to upload the PDF via the Upload a File option so it is displayed in the viewer and then also upload the MPP file as a separate piece of content.  You can then link them by at mentioning them in the Description field when editing the document.  Here is an example of how we did this in our community.  We have a PDF with instructions and the highlighted portion is the .ZIP files they need to go along with the instructions.  It is hard to miss since it is rendered right above the preview.





          It's not a silver bullet but it gets the job done.  What would be slick was if you could add attachments to content created via the Upload a File option.  That would solve your issue as you could have the PDF shown in the preview and then attach the MPP to it.