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    Sample Add-on



      I am trying to create a "Client-app" type Add-on and have few doubts.

      If anybody could share the sample Add-on, that will greatly help.



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          There is a basic one attached to OAuth 2.0


          Would you like one that has tiles and templates?

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              Hi Murali,

              Thanks for the reply.

              I am trying to create an Add-on to integrate jive with another cloud service.

              With the Sample Add-on in OAuth am able to install that in jive but not clear with the registerURL and connecting it to the cloud instance.

              It is mentioned that Jive registers the add-on by sending a POST to the registration URL. This is not happening for me.

              What happens with the Add-on after installing and how to connect it to other instance/app.


              I am not using Tiles and templates for now.

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                  Ryan Rutan

                  If all you are doing is registering a client app, then you should set the registerUrl to http: and this will keep Jive from trying to reach out to the add-on during installation.  This will give you a clientId and secret to use in your Client App.