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    Jive India User Group


      Hello everyone - Last week I was at Jive World and we had a fun little "user group" lunch on one of the days. We had one table each for a city/market/country/region. There was one for APAC too. But surprisingly there was no one on the APAC table. A little sad but it also made me reconsider highlighting that we really should be having a India User group not just on JC but in real.


      From a practical standpoint it might be difficult for people to travel within India (as its really spread out) just for the user group meetups. So I am hoping we could have at least a city level meetup. I am sure we quite a few companies using Jive in Bangalore or Pune. I would obviously push for these two as I shuttle between these two cities.


      I really would like to meet people in this industry, who may or may not be Jive customers, but are keen to share their views and experience about Social Business, Enterprise Collaboration, Future of Work and the likes. So do reply in here and let me know if you would be like to meetup.