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    Group Creation Issue


      Hi There,


      I created a Group today and have found that I cannot created sub groups or spaces within the parent group. For some reason the template chose (General->Team Collaboration) only show me a projects menu item under the main menu and not a Subspace and Projects menu item that would allow me to normally create a sub group.


      Has anyone experience this before or could point me in the right direction please?

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          Hi Rick - If you have Project's enabled in either a Space or a Social Group, then you should be able to create a new project within that place.


          It is not possible to create sub-groups that live within a group.  All groups live within the same 'level' in the Jive hierarchy.


          Spaces are unique in that you can create a space, and then create a second space within that first space. This ability to have spaces within other spaces is unique to spaces and cannot be done with groups or projects.