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    Do you allow/support your employees to use the Jive API?


      We are using Jive Cloud for our internal community, and our employee base is very technical (i.e., software developers).  We have received support requests from employees wanting to use the Jive API.  Do any of you allow/support your employees to use the Jive API?  If so, are you concerned about these employees potentially "breaking things" or adversely affecting performance?  Do you have any governance process in place?  What is the support policy?


      I appreciate any input you can provide.


      FYI: Deixi Carreño, Ronald Granados

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          Ryan Rutan, you and I briefly discussed this at The specified item was not found..  Can you please share your thoughts here?

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              Usage of the APIs is open to your users, but support does not support the development of solutions or troubleshooting of custom functionality.  If there is a bug in the API, then support will be our conduit to track and resolve any bugs that are discovered in the APIs.  We have a lot of developers using them, and I would suspect that for the lion share of use-cases and guidance we offer, the path should be relatively smooth.


              Each user is abel to use their personal credentials to execute APIs on a 1-off basis; however, in order for them to do actual extensions (that impact the personal and collective user experiences of Jive)..you will require administrative approval and oversight (at which point you can add as much, or as little oversight) as required by your governance objectives.


              We have our latest version of Jive Cloud which I think opens the doors even wider to technical audiences coming out at the end of the month, and I'd be interested to come to NI and due a series of brown bag lunches to activate your audiences. =)


              Hope this helps.

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              This is a really interesting topic to me, thanks for posting it


              I believe that we should be open to users using the API as they may come up with some cool stuff that'll benefit our communities.   What we need to ensure is we have a good process to review and before we promote what the user comes up with.   Users can develop in the Jive Sandbox that's shared across all developers without impacting our instances.


              So I think a good review and promote strategy is key (this applies more to apps and such).  Most of those rely on an independent server that Jive will communicate to/from and I think we want to control those servers.   I'd be interested in your thoughts on that


              We will not be able to technically control a user who just want to use the REST API.   So a "evil hearted" user could decide he wants to be the #1 points user in the system and use the API to create enough actions to achieve that.   I think my community admin has seen an instance of that before.