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    Jive's marketing chief adds a consumer touch to enterprise collaboration

      Jive's marketing chief adds a consumer touch to enterprise collaboration


      Elisa Steele has joined Jive from Microsoft, where she headed up all consumer apps and services. She now wants to bring that consumer experience to Jive

      Secondly, Steele was keen to “revitalise” Jive’s partner community. She said that Jive has a solid history with a handful of partners that have done well with the product, but it hasn’t previously provided a clear structure for partners to engage with it on, to help Jive scale. As a result, she has launched a new partner program that is now in full swing and has, according to Steele, attracted lots of new partners to the company.

      I was also keen to find out from Steele why she believes Jive holds the competitive advantage in what is an increasingly competitive market – see our piece here on a recent round-up of trends and announcements from the likes of Box, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce.com. I explained to Steele during the interview that whilst I had enjoyed JiveWorld14 and had enjoyed finding out more from customers, the one element I felt was lacking was a real push to explain how Jive is different in this space. What makes it special in a market with so many heavyweights vying for the top spot?Jive2

      However, Steele was also quick to point out that from her perspective, Jive is indeed different. The main difference being that Jive works as a ‘hub’ that pulls everything together for people to collaborate, whilst she sees other companies just adding social features around certain processes. She said:

      So yes, you can actually collaborate around documents from Microsoft, or documents from Google, or you can collaborate and share streams around conversations happening in Salesforce.com. But these have a beginning and they have an end, then you go off and do something else. Jive is about creating the hub of where work happens, which is why we are very focused on integrations.

      Good interview. Read the My Take section.

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