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    Howto integrate enterprise applications...


      Hi Folks,

      we have a tricky question about integration of external application logic together with Jive:


      A AddOn should receive content from an external webserver (out of Jive) without the need of an additional user/password login or saving of access data.

      Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 23.23.56.png

      We planned to use an AddOn to retrieve data (1) from an external Web Server. To be able to retrieve data from the external web server we must be able to verify any session key, etc. to be sure that the right user connects to the web server system. Our first idea is that the AddOn calls the webserver REST API, pushes any session key together with the call (1) and then the Web Server is able to speak with the Jive Cloud (2) to verify the delivered session information and get the right user.


      Does anyone know if this flow would work and howto implement this in Java / Java Script?