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    Can Tiles Display Data Customized for the User?


      In our project, we've had to extend the builtin Jive entitlement to take into account other security factors.  As a result, any content being displayed to a user has to be run through filters to ensure they are allowed to see it.  I think this will pose a problem if we want to adopt tiles in our project.


      My understanding is that tiles display information on a per-place basis and that the data pushed from NodeJS is the same data for all users.  Is this correct?  If that is the case, off the top of my head, I think our best option is to create a custom tile type that pulls information unique to the user from the backend systems.  Is there an easier or better way to do this?  At that point, I'm not sure that we're even benefiting from tiles.

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          Gregory,  you are correct.  The tiles view that is displayed is not user-specific, but the click-through experience is personalized. 


          If you wanted to use Tiles, then you could use them as a launching experience.  Instead of showing them "Document 123" and "Document 456" ... you can show them a "View Documents" or "View Articles" link...that when clicked will adhere to your personalized experience rules.


          Something to consider, but again, you have a solid grasp on Tiles and the initial experience.  Let me know if you have any further questions.