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    Problem with "Jive for Office" and "Publish Update"

      Hello Community People


      i have several users who are unable to do anything other than PUBLISH NEW for an existing document in community.  It may be coincidence (I suspect not) that before I MOVED the file to a new home, they were quite happily publishing updates.  Since the move, however, they are unable to access the file (either from the container in which it lives in community) or from jive ribbon in excel and then get the "Publish Update" option. Only "Publish New" is available. 

      None of these folks had the file open during the move to a new location. The one user who DID have the file open is still able to Publish Updates.

      I have opened a support case for this, and am working it with Jive, but thought someone may have encountered this before me. Would love any feedback.