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    Encouraging Answers?


      Howdy everyone!


      I would love to get some ideas from y'all regarding my community. I manage an external-facing community that has a focus on support. We have a support team who answers questions that our customers ask. There are a few customers that answer these questions themselves and that is what we are striving for. How would you go about urging other members of the community to answer these questions?  We have enabled gamification and increased the point amount for a correct answer but there's still low activity. How else can this be encouraged? I would love any ideas!



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          Hi Brett


          When you think about support, there's a certain utility in finding answers quickly or simply "ask the audience" a question vs. answering and engaging in other ways.   First question - Is it an open community (exposed to Google) or secured by a login?   Google seo can help drive users to it.   Do you have a link to the community if it's public?


          Beyond the utility of Q&A, are you featuring champions or requesting customer champions blog and share their experiences or knowledge more?   I imagine you have brand ambassadors out there, and they might be in consumer social media already.  Sometimes you need to find those ambassadors out there and invite them into your community engage with them in a more focused way as they influence other user behavior.   Also some customers have premium access to VIP groups (like customer advisory) based on community engagement.


          Just some ideas. 


          Rich -----