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    Seeking embed code for Jive 7 video player that works on mobile devices


      Hi Jive


      We have a unique use case in that we are setting up a new separate Twistage hosting account, well knowing that another Twistage hosting account is already hosting videos for direct upload from your video upload interface in Jive 6.5 and 7.


      The reason for our approach is that we need to access our videos from many other distribution points other than our Jive sites. As examples our ELMS and ON24.

      Linking to a main video asset instead of uploading videos to multiple distribution points allow us to manage the videos from one location.


      Since we now have Jive7 running our T-Wire web site I have been testing embedding videos there.


      • If I upload a video directly to Jive 7 it nicely plays back on mobile devices.
      • Also i have checked the Utube example of embed code. It plays back on Android just fine.


      But so far I have not been able to get any of my tested embed code to work for mobile - only on desk tops


      • I have tried object embed code which works on desk tops
      • I have tried iFrame code (like the Utube example but with my our URLs below) = i get a frowny face with a SSL protocol error
      • I have tried simple html5 embed code which your player will not accept.
      • I have tried simply entering a working URL to the video and your player will not accept it.


      Thinking It might me a permissions issue with our Twistage Trial account i have tried to host the video from a different hosting account


      A working URL would be:





      Please let me know if there is something that needs to be white listed in our Jive instance or what we can do to make this work.

      Apparently the reason that for example Utube videos can be embedded and runs on mobile is that it is whitelisted with Embed.ly


      Can we whitelist our future domain with them, and make it work?


      Thank you on beforehand.