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    Lucidchart in Jive Cloud instance

    brentb Advanced

      Hi Ryan Butters,


      You and I spoke at JiveWorld14 last month regarding the potential use of Lucidchart in NI's Jive Cloud instance.  This is an internal community named NI Talk.  You and I discussed creating a 5-user Lucidchart account and then allowing all other users some limited functionality (was it read-only access)?


      What steps do you recommend I follow to pilot this functionality?




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          rybutters Novice


          Thank you for reaching out. It's good to hear from you.


          I just tried to give you a call at the office and cell; unfortunately I couldn't connect. Although the Jive/Lucidchart integration is pretty straight forward, somethings are best explained over the phone.


          In the meantime, I activated a 30 day, 5 user team trial on your Lucidchart account (brent.babin@ni.com - You may not recall signing up in May 2013). Once you access Lucidchart directly, or from Jive, you can invite the other 4 users to join your Lucidchart team from the team page. Those 4 users would then need to accept the invitation via email. Once accepted they can launch Lucidchart from Jive as an "existing Lucidchart user". 


          In a perfect world all users on your Jive instance would be able to auto-provision onto your Lucidchart team account. If and when you would like to have new users automatically provision to your team, let us know. It's an easy configuration change on our side. In the meantime, you may not want to have all users from your instance provision to your account.


          I'm on the road at a conference, but I could sneak away tomorrow, if you would like to have a short call to discuss. Just let me know.


          Thanks for the interest! We look forward to working with you!