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    Programmatically determine URLs for 'Create by Email'


      As part of an integration, we'd like to send an email (as a discussion, in this case) to a jive space in order to capture part of a conversation that has occurred with non-jive users (and possibly have these non-jive users cc the space in the community if they reply-all).  However, there does not appear to be a REST call to get those 'Create by Email' URLs.  I thought I had it figured out when I built the following url for sending the mail:

      mailto: discussions-community-<space.displayName>@our-jive-community.com

      However, I've poked around a bit found that if the space name is comprised of two words (eg, XYZ Company, Inc. has a displayName of 'xyz-company-inc'), the email url for a space is actually 'xyz--company-inc' with two dashes between the 'xyx' and 'company' instead of the one that I'd expect. 


      So, two questions (okay, two questions and one request ): 

      1. If I programmatically insert that second dash between the first and second name, can I expect this to work in all cases,
      2. can I expect it to be stable in future release (or is it a bug)
      3. can you add it to the API in the future so I don't have to employ this smelly hack.


      Thanks for your comments ... and if you know of a more elegant way to accomplish this, I'd love to hear.