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    Jive and Cisco


      Cisco and Jive, Better Together - Jive Software


      <TL;DR> *

      • What We Sell: Jive Connector for WebEx and Jive Connector for Jabber
      • What It Does: Ability to start a voice call, chat, video call or meeting directly from Jive
      • How It's Priced: Each priced at $1/user.month
      • When It's Available: Available from the Summer 2014 cloud release
      • Who Developed It: ESNA developed; positioned as native Jive
      • How it works:
        • Webex Connector: Leverages Webex APIs in real-time.  There is no Jive-Webex server connection/configuration.
        • Jabber Connector: "Click to call/chat" links launch an external protocol request which the browser associates with the local Jabber client. There is no Jive-Presence server connection/configuration.

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