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    Add an extprops in a way that my app can see?


      How can I add an extprops to a content in a way that my app can see the added property?

      • I'm creating a discusion on the Jive sandbox with my account (rpfeil).
      • I create a bearer token with my apps id and secret
        • clientid: aiyyo01lb97lo2u3hep8mgxac2y9f5k9.i
        • client secret: ppjmoumbbtv954oxjciqkzff4rzu0ye3.s
        • this gets me...
        • access_token: 3jvp5kn4r9jks84vsp9jafagat3ezo5cujse17ze.t
        • refresh_token: 9qnqnuc3yw35bz9ffc0i5zs0yfh1egafu3tbdnbl.r
      • Used the access token to call (POST) https://sandbox.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/messages/24494/extprops body: { "vsapproved" : "1" }. This works.
      • Added an Action to my app with (path="jive/actions/content/*?filter=exists(context.extprops.vsapproved)"). This Action does not show up in App Actions.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,