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    When I try to add a script tag in an html widget (embedded or linked), Jive automatically inserts HTML


      When I add a script tag to an HTML widget, Jive Cloud automatically prepends the following HTML to my code after I save changes:

      <style>body{padding:0;margin:0;}</style><script>resizeMe=function(){window.parent.jive.widget.resizeMe("#widgetIframe62476");};</script><div class="jive-html-text-widget">


      Anyone have an idea where this is coming from and how I make it stop?


      Edit 11/18: I unmarked Ryan Rutan's setting of Noel White's answer as correct because the version we are running is currently on 8. You will see below that Mr. White brilliantly observed that this was a known bug in Jive 7 but was fixed in Jive 7.0.3. Hopefully that is the correct answer for others, but unfortunately it is not for my situation.


      Edit 11/19: Marked White's answer as correct again as the bug is also alive in Cloud 8 but will be fixed with the 8c4 release.