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    How to redirect from an app


      I've a jive app that I wrote that supplies a list of people in a phonebook format;  I want to redirect to a persons profile page when the record is selected.  I have extracted the html resource from the person record but want to know the best way to redirect from the app to the profile. 


      I'm currently using

      var profile_url = ..... extracts from person record ....


      It does work but looks horrible in the browser.  It appears to begin rendering the profile page in the existing app frame and then the entire page redisplays and switches to the profile.  


      Is there a better way to redirect to the profile_url from within an app that gives a cleaner result?

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          Why not use



          To open the link in another browser window. There is no way around the behavior you yre describing due to the fact that the app frame is an iframe, and once it gets loaded into the app frame, Jive tries to break out of it.

          Thus, a new browser window might be a better UX altogether

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            Gary - is that code something you'd be willing to share? We've got a lot of employees who would love to be able to see people in phonebook format. That might even help sell (some) people on the idea of using our Jive instance.

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                I'd be happy to share it once I clean it up a little more.   


                I do have a question for you;  we have the concept of every person having their AA (Administrative Assistant) assigned to them.  We store it as a DN (distinguished name) in our LDAP system and it's sync'd to a custom field in the user profile.  I'm using it my phonebook so when you list someone; you can easily see the AA and click a link for that AA's user profile in Jive.  My question is do you have something similar and if so how did you set it up?  I'd like to code this so it's more flexible and works for more installations.

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                    Hahahahaha. We aren't currently using LDAP or AD or anything. I'd love to have a way to assign an AA to people and would be curious how you've done it. We're likely to get to using SSO mid-2015 and this would be great to have on our list of things to consider.