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    Highlight Groups More in JiveX


      For JIveX,

      Is there a way to highlight an individual's Groups on a tile?

      I want an easy way to see a list of (or link to) all my Groups.

      But don't think of this is a sone off -- I want to dynamically create a list of each individual's Groups.


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          Hi Scott K Wilder - There is a "Key Content and Places" Tile you can add to your activity pages. This lets you create a tile where you can add a list of groups.


          Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.09.14 AM.png


          Is this along the lines of what you're thinking?

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            I am not clear if you are interested in tiles in particular or just want to know what options people have to get to their groups. I'm assuming is the latter so here are some options that are not tile related.


            Other ways to get to the same info:


            1) From your Inbox/ Activity - Your View which will show Frequently viewed places (assuming you visit frequently those you are interested in):



            2) From your profile More > Places




            3) A widget that can display groups based on tags and user access.


            4) You can add a link either in a menu or a formatted text/ html widget that brings up the pre-filtered places search to show places you are Following (includes those you own and others you have access to and chose to Follow)


            Hope this helps.