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    Jive 7.0: REST-Question


      Hi all,


      in an external program we use some (old) REST-methods (see below).

      Now we have to migrate to Jive 7 and so we have to migrate the REST-methods.

      My problem is now that I didn't find for all methods a comparable method in the new REST-API.



      So far I have found the following comparable methods. But I don't know if they are correct.

      If someone can verify it, it would be very helpful.


      GET     /rpc/rest/systemPropertiesService/properties

      ==> NEW: GET /metadata/properties


      GET     /rpc/rest/userService/users/{username}

      ==> NEW: GET /people/username/{username}


      POST   /rpc/rest/profileService/images

      ==> First: POST /profileImages/temporary

      ==> Second: With the "Location"-header from response: POST /people/{personID}/images



      But for the following REST-methods I didn't found any comparable. Are there no new methods or I'm blind?


      POST    /rpc/rest/systemPropertiesService/properties

      GET      /rpc/rest/profileFieldService/fields

      GET      /rpc/rest/profileService/profiles/{userId}

      POST    /rpc/rest/avatarService/avatars

      POST    /rpc/rest/avatarService/activeAvatar

      GET      /rpc/rest/avatarService/avatarsByUser/{userId}

      DELETE   /rpc/rest/avatarService/avatar/{avatarId}



      I have look at this document: Jive REST Rest API v3.8


      Explanation for the old REST-methods see here: Clearspace Documentation : REST Web Services Reference



      So my simple question is:

      Can someone explain me, how I can migrate these old methods to the Jive 7-REST-API?