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    Group avatar endpoint not working  *please help so I can go on vacation :)

    Powell Intermediate

      Please help!!!

      Gotta get this in UAT so I can go home for thanksgiving!

      I am using /api/core/v3/places/[PLACEID]/avatar?uri=[MYSERVER]/api/core/v3/images/1439

      to set a groups avatar.  I am running from within the app, not external.


      This works fine on our dev server.

      On our UAT box, I get the following:





      {"error":{"message":"There was an error fetching file [MYSERVER]/api/core/v3/images/1443. HTTP error code: 401","status":400}}



      The image does indeed exist  (I create it immediately prior to this call)

      I have tried other images, same prob.  I have tried curl, firefox rest client, and in code, doesnt work for any.


      Any help greatly appreciated.  I saw this similar unanswered question.
      Posting places avatar using REST API