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    Any support communities using gamification module?



      Plantronics Sounding Board is an external support community for Plantronics products, serving about 16K members.

      We recently are checking into gamification module and would love to hear from other support communities who have been using gamifications.

      Want to know about the success stories or failure or anything we should watch out for.

      Thank you for your help!



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          Based on my own experience as both an administrator and personal user of discussion based forums for many years, I believe that certain types of industries lend themselves better to Gamification practices than others.


          For example, within a consumer industry where you purchase an item such as a car, television or even headphones such as those made by Plantronics, there seems to be an immediate emotional attachment and the user is far more likely to contribute and help others; perhaps this is based on the fact that they already have unique entry level information they can share based on the selection of the product and their experience using it.


          For this type of user, badges and gift certificates work well as tokens of appreciation used to leverage further participation.


          However, once you move into much more detailed lower level engineering and software development type support, the task becomes more difficult because countless hours spent figuring out a specific issue, or maybe writing specific code, is considered professional property of sorts, so there needs to be a peer based bartering mechanism deployed that is quite a bit different that that of the consumer facing model.


          This type of user is not looking for badges and monetary rewards, but for professional courtesies the can leverage to accomplish assigned tasking more efficiently.