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    Is it a bug? - ExStorageFile JSON doesn't contain internal Id of a file


      We develop integration with EMC Documentum on Jive 7.0.0 using External Storage Provider (ESP) API.

      We need to pass to ESP Categories associated with a file, which is uploaded. Unfortunately, ESP default-methods don’t provide any way to do this. So we have to request categories associated with a file from Jive during an upload operation.  I guess, It would be relatively easy to do, if we knew internal file ID.

      Researching led us to this…

      According ESP documentation, Jive calls uploadFile-method when uploads a file to ESP. And It passes ExStorageFile JSON-object as an input argument:


      According this documentation,


      we expect to find “id” field , which contains “the internal Jive ID given to this object”, inside input ExStorageFile JSON. But actually, we don’t. To illustrate this, I include a log, what Jive actually passes as an input ExStorageFile JSON when callsuploadFile operation:

      {"version":{"fileName":"my file.vsd",


      "title":"my file.vsd",





      So, my question is:

      Is it a bug, that we don’t have “id” information inside input ExStorageFile JSON, when Jive calls  uploadFile-method of our ESP?