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    Requesting a Username But Seeing Real Name in Posts




      One of our users has a great point. We are using Jive X and some of our customers want to remain anonymous, and not have their real names show on their posts. Instead, they want their usernames to appear. However the user sees his real name and not his username by his post. So the user isn't sure if others are seeing his real name or his username. We've confirmed that others are seeing his username, so he's still anonymous to others.


      Here is his suggestion:

      I think that it would be better/clearer to show me what the other members will see when I post something.[my username] That holds true for the name displayed in the profile section in the blue bar at the top of the page. If my actions are tied to my username, then my visible identity (even to myself) should be that username.


      Is there a reason that a person's name and not their username appears when they post, when they elect to keep their real name private? [privacy setting: Yourself]

      I agree with the user that it's confusing to see your real name appear with posts when you expect your username to appear when you've elected to keep your real name private.

      Has anyone else had experience with this, or any suggestions? Is this something specific to Jive X?

      Thank you.