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    Migrating from OOTB to Bunchball - What do we need to know?


      Hi guys,


      We are evaluating launching Bunchball and we've been testing it in our sandbox for a few months.  We've obviously discovered a number of things and have quickly realized there is a fair amount of effort required to maintain advanced gamification long-term.  I'd love to get your thoughts on a few things! A few notes about our environment.  We are internal only, we have about 150,000+ on the platform, we are hosted on perm and we are running on Jive 7.  We have been using the OOTB system (points and status levels) for 2 years (as long as our community has been up and running.  Our users seem to love the points/status levels and have reacted well to it.  So, here are a few questions, we would love to benefit from those that have gone before us!


      1. We are debating our rollout strategy (should we decide to launch BB).  For those that migrated from OOTB to BB, did you reset everyone's points to zero or did you migrate users existing points?  Or, do a hybrid of sorts.  Whatever you did, would you recommend it?  What would you do differently?  Did users revolt?  Did they love it?
      2. For those that had a mature community using OOTB and then launch BB, did you see a solid return on your level of effort?  I am personally struggling with this one.  The ongoing level of effort required to keep an active and engaging mission and badging strategy in place (to keep the users engaged and excited about it) seems like a fair amount of effort, especially when compared to our current level of effort which is basically zero.  So, the million dollar question seems to be, are your users that much more engaged because you are using missions and badges?
      3. What were the biggest surprises to using BB?
      4. How did your migration go?  What do we need to be prepared for from a technology standpoint - if we migrate users points?  I'd assume if we simply turn BB on and do not migrate, we'd reduce a number of "headaches" but if that was not your experience, please share.
      5. For anyone, do you reset your points to zero every year?  Every six months?  Never?  We've heard of some communities that reset to zero, basically starting a new "game" and this scares me.  I could be convinced otherwise but I would need to hear a pretty compelling argument.  Seems we'd have a revolt on our hands!


      That's in probably enough questions for now.  Really appreciate any response!





      Tracy Maurer

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          Hey guys!  I posted this just before Thanksgiving so I'm hoping it was just bad timing!  Does anyone have any thoughts? 

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            Meghan, we have two instances of Jive 6, both internal (working to upgrade to 7). In our client instance, we went to the Module when we split off from our corporate instance, and we were able to migrate the points across with PS help, as it fit within the amount of hours for that split and upgrade. For our corporate instance, we are set to go live tomorrow evening with the Module. The points will be reset to zero (we had quite the debate about it, but it came down to not wanting to pay for Professional Services to pull the points across, frankly), and some people are upset after this many years, but we are putting as positive a spin on it as possible, and there's really no way around it, so they're just going to have to deal with it. 


            We published a warning about their points going to zero (via e-card) and included a link to a blog explaining why that's a good thing. Most of the responses to yesterday's blog post have been pretty positive so far. We also included a chart of everyone who had reached the Community Master and Grand Master levels in our former system, so their hard work to get to that point was recognized.


            I will likely have more to add Monday when everyone who ignored the e-card and blog comes in and sees their points are all gone...

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                Hi Christina,

                Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!


                Anxious to hear how it goes for you.


                We are having the exact same debate.  If it came down to paying PS, which it totally understandable, I am guessing you would have rather not reset to zero?  Just wondering what some of that debate looked like for y'all.  Was the big factor not wanting to make the community members mad or did you just not think going to zero was a good idea?  If you want to share.


                I could probably go either way, we see some pros and cons to both, but we really want to avoid any "unknowns" of the migration (technology or otherwise) if we go that direction.


                Curious about your external community.  When you went to BB, did you see a huge increase in engagement?  Do the users love the missions and badges?


                For your internal community, why are you moving, what are you expecting?  You've had your community up for a while like we have so I am curious what types of missions you are going with?  For example, gettnig people to complete their profile or "learn" the system is probably not a primary goal.  So, how are you using missions?

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                    Well, the newer users were in favor of going back to zero (even playing field, and all that), and those of us several years on the platform weren’t too pleased about it. We anticipated a much greater negative reaction, to be honest (especially those of us who have been in there since it was ClearSpace). And yes, we were concerned about backlash when going to zero.


                    In our client (mostly internal, some external users) instance, it’s so divided up it’s hard to say what the overall impact is. I also haven’t been on that team for the past six months, so don’t have those numbers as far as engagement impact. I do know people like the features, and because we’ve got that instance integrated with our Meridian (LMS) platform, we’re able to use a trigger for course completion that has been pretty motivating for folks, from what I saw while still on that team.


                    One of our primary goals for this new launch is to increase engagement and overall knowledge of the platform. In an industry such as ours, we do have quite a bit of turnover/attrition, so there are always new users joining us.  The problem with profile completion is that for now it’s all or nothing, which isn’t of much use to us, especially with the possibility of adding new profile fields (and thus removing completions) down the road. So for go-live, ‘learning the system’ is precisely our focus. We are going with a phased approach with the releasing of missions. First, basic engagement. Second, active participation/content creation. Third, upgrading to Jive 7 and exploring the new features. And on, and on…

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                  Hi Meghan,


                  Like you we have a large (both in content and users) internal instance, and were faced with the decision to move over to BunchBall's advanced gamification from years if OOTB points/levels. We did decide to take the plunge into the world of gamification, and here is what we have learned:

                  1. We did reset everyone's points to 0. We found that the task of migrating everyone's points to the new system would have been more cumbersome, and we wanted to get a fresh start. To mitigate the impact to our users we came up with 3 manual badges to give to users of the prior system.
                    • Found Badge - Given to everyone who had points in the prior system
                    • Leader Badge - Given to top X% of users (example: Top 30%)
                    • Champion Badge - Given to top X% of users (example: Top 10%)
                  2. We did see a big increase in content views and likes after the switch to BB, but it is a fair amount of work to plan, start, maintain, and grow the gamification system. Like within anything, communication is key. Without communication of new badges and constant reinforcement, the system won't be very effective.
                  3. The biggest surprises for us was around what BB can and cannot do. The system is limited to number of Jive actions, and that can be limiting at times if you have special missions in mind. I am not sure if this is still offered, but BunchBall did have an API license that could be purchased. The API would allow integrations with BB beyond Jive actions.
                  4. The migration is fairly simple from a technology standpoint. However, you will need to make sure that bunchball.net (and all subdomains) are whitelisted for your end-users.
                  5. I think that most users would get upset if you reset their hard earned points every year. I think that people might want to do that to level the playing field. However, you could probably do that with badges and points. Making badges scarce helps develop value. So, try having some missions run for only a limited time. Might give users a chance to catch up, and leaders a chance to solidify their position.


                  I hope that this helps.

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                    Hi Meghan,


                    I was at UBM when we launched Bunchball in that mature internal community. I understand you've spoken with Tracy Maurer from UBM, so I won't go into what our experience was there.


                    But I do have a unique perspective to share. I had the UBM community for years with the OOTB points, then launched BB there, and then moved to McGraw-Hill Education, where there was a semi-mature community in place using only OOTB points. So, I have been to BB and back again :-)


                    I'm not ready to embrace the BB Advanced Gamification module again, at this time, anyway. Not in the current time-sucking form (for administrators) it's in. As you noted, there's a lot on our plates in managing and developing a community. I don't think that being distracted by a gamification program would be an effective use of my time. I can also think of other things to do with the license fees we would be charged. So, the ROI for me just isn't there.


                    We're well-underway in rejuvenating our community without BB. We have fun with the OOTB points and levels, and because they are on the periphery, so to speak, they don't consume much of my energy and they are not a primary point of focus for our community members. And I like that -- it feels about right.


                    There's no question gamification will send your activity and participation levels soaring. But you have to weigh that against the opportunity cost -- what you could have been doing with your community's administrative resources and budget. I think the decisions are likely to vary depending on the community and your objectives for it.