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    Which data SOURCE(s) for analyzing what users are doing, ACROSS all places


      After about 9 months of using Jive ON-PREMISE in Pilot mode, we are desiring to analyze exactly what are users are doing, when they are doing it, etc., ACROSS all places, so the Reports tab (Community Manager Reporting - CMR) for each place is not relevant,


      1) I began writing a detailed report using the Core:jiveActivity table, but just found out that we are only keeping one week's worth of activity because of the Undocumented Jive System Properties ) activity.delete.weeks

      activity.delete.weeksinteger5.0Default is 1.  Sets the period of time (in weeks) that the jiveActivity table will hold activity data, before 'purging' it.

      So apparently the jiveActivity table must get really large so it isn't used for reporting.  Which leads me to believe that most detailed analysis like 'how are users using Jive ACROSS all places?' is being done from Analytics/Community Manager data within reports you write; is this true? Or can most such questions be answered from EAE DB data?



      2) Is the Core:jiveActivity table then primarily used for analyzing recent (probably production) problems, since rows usually get deleted after a week, or does it have some other usage, perhaps for intraday reporting before a nightly CMR ETL runs?



      Thanks in advance




      Our DB environment is:

      • Core and EAE running MS SQL Server
      • Analytics running on Oracle (we have no PostgreSQL experience but we do have Oracle experience.)


      I am just about to get access to the Analytics data running on Oracle within SQL Server Management Studio, the same tool we use to develop reports from Core and EAE. But I don't have it yet.