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    Jive Anywhere and value for external communities


      Hi everyone,


      We have the cloud version of Jive and run an external community. Over the weekend the Jive Anywhere app appearred on our top nav, and I don't seem to have the option to removed the Apps tab from the navigation, so for the moment it looks like it's staying. I was wondering if anyone has used Jive Anywhere for an external community, and could share some of the use cases for it? At the moment, I don't have a great understanding about the value it adds to an external customer community. The information I have found on it seems to be geared towards internal communities.


      Thanks in advance!



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          I work on an internal community, but a couple things come to mind:

          • A support person is doing some online reading and finds an article that he thinks would be good reference for the customers he works with. He could use JiveAnywhere to post the article into the community, and reference a few specific customers and/or places in the community to call attention to the resource.
          • A customer sees something online that causes them to have a question. They can use JiveAnywhere to bring that content into the community, pose their question, and have a community discussion around it.