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    How to track when a tag was added or removed?

    Caton Guilbault

      Has anyone figured out how to track tag history? I want to isolate the activity of adding or removing a tag on content, specifically blog posts. Goal is find out when a particular tag was added or removed from content. Currently looking at a 6.0 instance but I need to make this happen for 7.0 soon.


      I've already looked for all 200 & 210 activity types (ASSOCIATE & DISSOCIATE) from activity_fact and I don't see any 200's on 38's. I see a bunch of 210's but can't figure out what was dissociated since none of the indirect object data is included with these activity types...


      Any ideas?


      Query I'm currently using:

        jivedw_activity_meta.activity_name as Activity,
        object1.object_id as directID, 
        object1.name as directname,
        object1.creation_ts as directcreation,
        jivedw_activity_fact.indirect_object_type as IndrectType,
        jivedw_activity_fact.indirect_dw_object_id as IndrectID,
        object2.object_id as IndirectID, 
        object2.name as Indirectname,
        object2.creation_ts as Indirectcreation
        jivedw_day INNER JOIN jivedw_activity_fact ON jivedw_day.day_id=jivedw_activity_fact.day_id
        LEFT JOIN jivedw_activity_meta ON jivedw_activity_meta.activity_type=jivedw_activity_fact.activity_type
        LEFT JOIN jivedw_user ON jivedw_user.user_id=jivedw_activity_fact.user_id
        Left JOIN jivedw_object object1 ON jivedw_activity_fact.direct_dw_object_id = object1.dw_object_id
        Left JOIN jivedw_object object2 ON jivedw_activity_fact.indirect_dw_object_id = object2.dw_object_id
        >=  '11/15/2014 00:0:0'
        <=  '11/23/2014 00:0:0')
        AND jivedw_activity_fact.activity_type in (200,210)
        AND jivedw_activity_fact.direct_object_type = 38


      This query is constrained by date to limit the number of results.