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    Best way to create a document repository/bank within a group



      I've created a group on our internal community as a place where people from across our business can actually collaborate on anything related to our external communities.  Because we have instances of our external community emerging across the globe, and each region/community manager is purchasing images to use in their community, I want to be able to create an environment - within a group on our internal community - where anyone that has purchased an image from a photo service can post that photo file so others can see/use it and download it for use within their community. 


      Any suggestions on how to do this?  I don't simply want to post images and tag them with something like "photo library", I'd like for them to be all view-able in one place.  I've considered creating a project within the group, but that isn't optimal and doesn't really accomplish the goal of having the images together.  Do I have to create a separate group just for images?