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    Best way to create a document repository within a group?



      I've created a group on our internal community as a place where people from across our business can actually collaborate on anything related to our external communities.  Because we have instances of our external community emerging across the globe, and each region/community manager is purchasing images to use in their community, I want to be able to create an environment - within a group on our internal community - where anyone that has purchased an image from a photo service can post that photo file so others can see/use it and download it for use within their community. I'm posting this question here because I don't think the  use case is specific to an internal community - I'm sure there are external communities where there is a need to house a collection of documents within a group targeted to a specific audience.


      Any suggestions on how to do this?  I don't simply want to post images and tag them with something like "photo library", I'd like for them to be all view-able in one place.  I've considered creating a project within the group, but that isn't optimal and doesn't really accomplish the goal of having the images together.  Do I have to create a separate group just for images?

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          Jill Ross

          Hi Gina,


          It sounds like a group or space would be the way to go, and you could use Categories to organize the image library. The Category structure could mirror each region/community, but you could also add Categories that are more descriptive -- such as industries, themes, image types (photograph, illustration, icon, etc.), sizes, etc.


          If there are sets of images that are meant to be used together, you can create Documents and add multiple related images as attachments, rather than uploading individual files using "Upload a Document."


          Tags could also be used in conjunction with Categories to create feeds of images on your Overview page.


          I hope this helps!

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            We've dealt with this circumstance to some extent in our external community, where we've organized manuals and software patches.


            I recommend using Spaces instead of Groups when organizing files like photos, primarily because it's easier to manager permissions groups to determine who has which level of access. Categories are generally a good mechanism for sorting content, though the number of categories in a group or space is limited (by the system property jive.container.category.max ).

            One way we've facilitated browsing for content is using a dedicated document coupled with the "View Document" widget. One can create a navigator document that contains a table with the desired links and graphics, and then highlight it in the Space using 'View Document". One can even logically "nest" these documents by employing one primary navigator document that contains links to secondary documents that list files of interest. We've found this works well to enable browsing a large number of company-provided materials, but it may require too much overt management for a body of community-contributed image files.


            Good luck! - Josh

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