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    Why does the Profile Activity say "no recent activity" but the User Adoption Report for the Space says this person is "Participating"?


      I'm running a contest to promote use of Jive.  We are just starting our implementation.

      I used the "User Adoption" report to get a list of users who are Participating and Contributing.

      The definition of "Participating" says: Participating Users: have commented on, replied to, liked, rated/voted, edited or created at least one document discussion, blog post, status update, poll video, idea, group space, or project in the last 30 days.

      • For most users, there is some activity of this type on their Profile Activity.
      • For some users, their Profile Activity says "No Recent Activity".


      What is the time frame for activity on the Profile page?

      If they are listed as "Participating" in the User Adoption report, should there be activity listed on their Profile?