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    Do you have an editorial board to drive content & engagement?

    Don Shell

      Wondering if any of you have an Editorial Board or Content Committee set up to plan and organize your main content. If so, how is it structured, and what type of articles move the needle the most?

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          Patty McEnaney

          Hi Don,


          I think it depends on your instance. Is this for internal use? Do you have a group of established SME's? Can they work with you individually based on their speciality? Not sure if there are types of articles that move the needle most. It always boils down to the users and what they need. It's less of a push out and more of a pull. In our case, which an internal instance, I've worked with Product Management, where I am located, to determine key content needs. For internal communication needs, I've reached out to the executives and the various teams in the company for content. There's a really good thread in the JC that will give you more color about Corporate Communications. I learned so much from following this thread.


          Re: Corporate communications and your communities


          I find it's tough to work with groups to identify content needs...I'd rather work with a representative user from each team or product.

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            Don Shell

            Thanks Patty, I appreciate the help. We currently have a large group of SMEs to pull from for content on our internal instance. I'm curious how other internal instances handle their content development from a communications and engagement perspective. We're looking at some form of cross-departmental Editorial Board made up of our Community Managers and select SMEs to act as a content steering committee, to brainstorm "featured" content ideas and measure effectiveness.

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                Hi Don - we haven't launched yet but yes - we love our editorial calendars around here. Our corp. communications team handles all of our internal/external communication, marketing, advertising, PR, strategic communication needs at our company. We have a director, project managers, content creators (writers), designers and a digital team (my main spot). I'm tasked with the Community Management of our Jive instance but for launch we're doing roadshows with our executive leadership and their direct reports. For leadership - we're planning their calendars of content and engagement tasks and helping them brainstorm additional ideas, etc.


                We're launching Jive for primarily knowledge sharing at this point but do have a couple of the more traditional use cases around collaboration that we're also implementing. Each project manager is already assigned to a business unit/VP/EVP/CEO and so we're leveraging those existing relationships and processes and really just adding the editorial content into existing conversations, internal campaigns and workflow.

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                No board, everything is organic. And it doesn't seem to have hurt engagement to allow it to grow that way. We have traditionally been a global, federated business, so having programmed content would have been difficult anyway, since there hasn't been much that would appeal to all constituencies.


                One thing that has sprung up recently, after I started a weekly curated news post, is that others are doing similar things - curating content specific to a topic or business area. Very similar to people who serve as aggregators on the internet, and I think it speaks to a maturation of our audience when dealing with the platform.