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    Link to App from Document


      We are trying to link to an app from a document, but Jive is stripping out '/apps/' and the app ID from the URL when the document is published.





      Turns to this:



      The latter of which obviously doesn't exist so the user sees an error. 


      Why does this happen and is there a way around it?

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          This is a known issue.  Please make sure to file the issue with support so you the case can be tracked against the resolution.

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              Ok I will, thanks.


              If anyone else has this problem and needs a workaround, the only option we've found so far is to:

              1. Create a dummy space
              2. Link to the dummy space using the actual url (not the auto-title) and append a parameter to the url (e.g. '?redirect=true' )
              3. In the dummy space, create an html widget whose Javascript looks for that parameter and redirects to the app if the parameter is found.


              Just writing the Javascript to auto-redirect (i.e. window.parent.location.replace = <app-url>) won't work because the page redirects before you can publish changes.