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    character encoding issue


      We are uploading HTML documentation with the REST API.  The HTML files are all marked as UTF-8 with the following meta tag: <meta charset="utf-8" /> but they seem to be uploading to Jive with basic encoding. Most basic punctuation marks are not sowing up correctly (dashes, apostrophes, quotations, etc) unless we replace them in the source files with their corresponding character entities.

      Is there any way to set the encoding in Jive to support utf-8?

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          Sorry for the delay, Renah! Our developers were very busy getting our latest release in good shape and I was unable to grab anyone for investigation. It turns out that there may be a bug in the product and I have filed an issue (#JIVE-53131) for them to dig into your two questions further. Someone will give you an update once they investigate it.

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            sounds like a open case I have where certain characters will not work unless you change the encoding on them.


            My workaround was putting in a huge case statement in my code to translate a large number of characters to their HTML friendly codes before posting