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    Email Watches feature impacting # of views?


      Hello Jive Users,


      I had a question from an user about our internal spaces in under our Jive community:


      "I have a quick thought for you for the Internal Space. When selecting your preferences for following the Internal Space, if you select Email Watches, you will receive emails for each new blog post that includes the full content of the post.  Engineers will then be able to read the whole blog post without accessing the space.  Do you know if each email watch sent counts as a view in our metrics?"


      Does anyone know if the # of views are impacted by reading the email received or is it only when the user goes into the post itself?




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          Ted Hopton

          Email notifications sent do NOT count in the views data. This has long been a black hole in the Jive analytics offering. Impact Metrics attempt to address it by adding a field showing the number of email notifications sent, but this data is still separate from views, and it's impossible to know how many of the people getting the notifications also click through to view the content.

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