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    Issue with simple app


      Hi ,


      I have created a simple app by following the steps mentioned in the document(Getting Started > Creating an App with the Jive Node SDK) .but when i click on the app from app menu,it redirects me to the below URL and the page throws error as "system error".please advise if i am missing something


      URL:http://localhost:8080/apps/7e460d04c0c45570897bb3ec7848b061(some token number)



      My jiveclientconfiguration.json:



          "clientUrl": "http://localhost",

          "port": "8090",

          "development" : true



      My definition.json:



          "integrationUser": {

              "systemAdmin": false


          "templates": [],

          "osapps": [


                  "name": "Simple App Skeleton",

                  "id": "7e460d04-c0c4-5570-897b-b3ec7848b061",

                  "appPath": "7e460d04c0c45570897bb3ec7848b061",

                  "url": "%serviceURL%/osapp/simpleapp/app.xml"



          "storageDefinitions": [],

          "jabCartridges": []



      My meta.json:



          "package_version": "1.0",

          "id": "4217db53-1be5-415d-bea3-175af6a35f5a",

          "type": "client-app",

          "name": "Add-on containing apps(s)",

          "description": "Apps: [Simple App Skeleton]",

          "minimum_version": "0000",

          "icon_16": "extension-16.png",

          "icon_48": "extension-48.png",

          "icon_128": "extension-128.png",

          "released_on": "2013-03-08T19:11:11.234Z",

          "register_url": "%serviceURL%/jive/oauth/register",

          "unregister_url": "%serviceURL%/jive/oauth/unregister",

          "service_url": "http://localhost:8090",

          "redirect_url": "%serviceURL%"