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    time zone inconsistencies



      There's about 10 of us using your producteev software. We're all set at the same time zone - GMT+2. However, on my computer, the calendar tasks are showing a day earlier then everyone else.

      Do you know why that could be?


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          I have the same problem.


          My system:


          My timezone in windows settings is (UTC+03:00) Волгоград, Москва, Санкт-Петербург (RTZ 2).

          In producteeve account settings i choosed (GMT+03:00) Moscow+00 value="Europe/Moscow"


          When i open my workspace there is block on the top:

               Your computer's time zone doesn't match your Producteev account settings. To avoid deadline confusion, update your Producteev time zone.

          And when i add sheduled task on 15-th january it placed to 14-th january in calendar.

          In task settings timezone is same account settings: (GMT+03:00) Moscow+00.


          I temporarily solve the problem by using (GMT+02:00) Moscow-01 - Kaliningrad value="Europe/Kaliningrad" in account settings and task shedule settings.

          Warning on the top not shown, tasks displaying in calendar properly.