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    New Tile instance not registered


      I am working to re-create the example presented by Thomas Jung and Todd Runstein during Jive World that shows a (Gauge) Tile + Service Purposeful Places – Integrate Using Tiles, Streams and Templates - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM


      I am able to define both the Service and the Tile, launch the Node app and upload the extension.zip. When I add a tile instance to my Group page, I get a gauge with the colors, sections, and other defaults I set in the definition.json, but there's no indication on the Node server that the instance was registered. Further evidence that the tile is not registered is that when pushData() is run, it always finds no instances of the "performance-tile" and so does not processTileInstance(), and when I save the Group page after removing the instance, the Node server reports a warning: "Instance not found."


      Is there some obvious step or setting that I've missed, or perhaps some configuration that I mistakenly set that would block a Tile's registration? Is there some way I can test and verify the communication between Jive and Node? Is there a debugger I can use to breakpoint and step through the backend tile code and see what's failing?



      I've tried registering a vanilla (gauge) tile on a vanilla Jive, and am seeing the same behavior. I have confirmed that my node app is available on port 8090 via telnet.



      Is it possible that there's some issue when developing with both Jive and Node running on my local machine?



      I just found this in my server sbs.log. I am posting it here while I investigate it:

      2014-12-03 11:51:29,979 [TaskEngineWorker-pool-1] [::] WARN com.jivesoftware.community.integration.tileinstance.impl.TileInstanceRegisterManagerImpl - Problem delivering
          registration for TileInstance[1026]: Unable to unregister tile instance 1026: null