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    Fall release - upgrade tonight


      Hi, we recently launched Jive within our organisation and we are currently wrapping the mobile application in Good for enterprise, so our mobile app is not currently available to our employees. When the upgrade goes in tonight will our staff get an inbox/email alert referencing the mobile app? Preferably we don't want one as previous updates have confused the message within our organisation.

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          Hi Elena Holliday - The Cloud sites were all successfully upgraded on Nov 21 - Sorry about the confusion around the timing of this. Your site is already on the newest version.


          It does look like all Jive Cloud internal communities, like yours, will indeed see the "Mobile" inbox notification that points to the Jive provided mobile apps. I am reaching out internally to see if we have any way to address this for the next version upgrade. I'll post back here once I have some more info.

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            Hi Elena Holliday - I've been discussing this internally with our product managers and it looks like at this time there isn't a way to change the behavior around mobile notifications after site upgrades, specifically for sites using resigned or wrapped mobile apps, although the product team is planning on adding this functionality in 2015.