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    How do I enable community manager reports (and just that) to an individual in the community?


      Hi all,


      I'm on JiveX, and want to enable an internal person to have access to all of the community manager reports, system wide, that I have access to. I don't want to give him other administrative permissions. I was in the Admin consule, trying to work out exactly how to enable that specific permission and I can't find the definition that would do that. I was going to do a system wide user override, but can't see anything about Community Manager Reports in these options:


      Thanks for any help you can offer!!


      • Gives control over every facet of the system. Should only be given to users who are cleared to administer the system from a technical standpoint. It also gives access to view and administer all content in the system. Full access supercedes all other permissions, at the space level and beyond.
      • Has the same permissions as Manage System plus the ability to create and manage spaces and system announcements.
      • The Manage System permission grants control over all technical aspects of the admin console. However, it does not automatically grant access to all space content. If your system has content in spaces that should be kept confidential, grant Manage System permission to technical administrators.
      • When granted to a group, all moderated content will pass through their queue before it appears in the community.
      • Grants access to manage the users of this application.
      • Grants access to create and manage the permission groups that are used in system and space management.