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    Celebrating achievement - to badge or not to badge...


      Should one provide a badge for recognition of achievement (e.g. graduation from a key learning program)? I'm sure the answer is yes, but should it be part of a global learning path and not as a one-off thing. What other ways have you recognized achievement on the Jive Profile? Picture, Skill tags (for searching/finding based on the expertise). Any other suggestions? Kim England you are the master of this!

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          Hi there - at Pearson we do a combination, we have specific badges for

          learning paths that are global and strategically important to our business

          for example our Welcome to Pearson for new joiners and our suite of

          Efficacy courses.


          Because we don't want to devalue badges we also reward level 1-5 of

          learning, this allows people to still earn rewards for taking the time to

          learn. Learner 1 for completing one course, Learner 2 for completing 5 etc.


          We are currently exploring how we can retire the 1-5 badges and restart

          them each year.


          I hope that helps.




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